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“I attended your University presentation at the Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices sales convention, Eight Methods to Communicate Your Value Package. I thoroughly enjoyed your rapid-fire style of presenting and your passion is palpable. So dropped so many jewels that I could hardly catch them all. I am eight months into my position as training director with my real estate experience is on the sales side. Consequently, my plan is to align myself with the training and coaching rock stars of the industry. During the presentation, you mentioned An Effective Sales Meeting Assessment and a Recruiting Assessment. I’d like to receive a copy of them both.”
K. Jefferies

“My Agents and I saw Sherri speak and what set her apart from other speakers, aside from her humor, her confidence, and her inspiring energy, WAS the concrete, easy to digest tips and techniques that my agents at every level were able to understand and and implement. We walked out of there in one afternoon with more easy to follow action steps than we would’ve in 3 days with anyone else. And these ideas work! We are doing twice as much volume in half as much time because we are smarter with our time. I recommend her to everyone!” J. H. – Manager

“Sherri – you are such a pro – thank you once again for all the helpful advice you give – with all the information you provide, there is absolutely no excuse why we can’t all be multi-million dollar producers!”

“I have had 7 managers in 26 yrs. NEVER saw anything like this meeting. My managers walked out of here like they had just won the lottery…….you’re unbelievable! Thanks for your time.”

“Your enthusiasm and love for success is very contagious. Thanks for providing such a great work environment for agents like me. It feels good to know that you are always there for us. Truly you are awesome!!”

"Great class!!!! You make time fly!!!! Just wanted to let you know that during the class I got a listing appointment!!!!! Yes!!! I had gone on the original appointment in July and the seller then told me they sold it themselves…. and…. just now… it never worked out and we will list it Sunday at 10 !!!!!”

“Sherri exemplifies everything in a great coach. Her time out for us is our meetings. We have the opportunity to tell her what we see in the field, strategizes with us, reminds us to focus on the basics, and gets us all fired up to get back out there and make things happen; achieve our goals.”

“Sherri, Your presentation was very motivational and I will definitely use this information in my future business plan. Sometimes you get stuck in the same plan and need a jump start. With the help of your motivation I feel I can bring some ‘new’ life back into my business.”

“Sherri knows the value that One Stop Shopping provides to a real estate transaction, our clients, and our overall business. Her scripts, tools, and coaching helped us improve the “one team” culture in our office and led to mortgage and title production increases of 67% in one year. We now have the #1 producing mortgage team in an eight state region, and we wouldn’t have done it without Sherri’s help!”

“Hi Sherri, This information is incredible! I can’t wait to use it with our managers!!! Thank you for sharing. This information made it worth the trip! It’s always great spending time with you! Thank you!”

“Thanks for taking the time to share your insights in your ‘Advanced Prospecting’ presentation yesterday. Your presentation was exceptional – and I enjoyed it greatly.”

“Sherri…I can’t thank you enough. You are such a wonderful friend and the best real estate mentor in the world.”

“You did a fantastic job closing this $1M deal. When I met you at the office ten days ago, we had no deal and a lawsuit on the way. You stepped up to deal with a lot of anger and hostility from the sellers and turn them around to be willing to listen to our side and to receive and review the offer that was presented.”


"Surpassed my best year's sales in 8 months."

Dawn Hinton

"My income is up 50% because of Sherri."

Art Obleton Jr

Less than a month into our coaching relationship we are exploding with valuable, game changing, out of the box treasures that are catapulting each agent on the team into a spin of income producing activities.

Annalie G

"Sherri's Goldmine Pipeline ™ helped me close more leads."

Colley Bailey

"On a scale of 1-10, Sherri is a 15. Every manager needs Sherri's Goldmine Pipline™ to coach up their agents to greater, on purpose and predictable success."


"I'm a Berkshire Hathaway agent in Clarkston Ml and was on your listing webinar this week and loved it. Downloaded the podcast and was listening to the manifest episode on my way to the office this afternoon and seriously not 1/2 hour later I got a text for a potential listing. Crazy"

Berkshire Hathaway

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