"Surpassed my best year's sales in 8 months."

Dawn Hinton

"Sherri's Goldmine Pipeline ™ helped me close more leads."

Colley Bailey

Less than a month into our coaching relationship we are exploding with valuable, game changing, out of the box treasures that are catapulting each agent on the team into a spin of income producing activities.

Annalie G

"My income is up 50% because of Sherri."

Art Obleton Jr

"I'm a Berkshire Hathaway agent in Clarkston Ml and was on your listing webinar this week and loved it. Downloaded the podcast and was listening to the manifest episode on my way to the office this afternoon and seriously not 1/2 hour later I got a text for a potential listing. Crazy"

Berkshire Hathaway

"On a scale of 1-10, Sherri is a 15. Every manager needs Sherri's Goldmine Pipline™ to coach up their agents to greater, on purpose and predictable success."