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“Sherri – you are such a pro – thank you once again for all the helpful advice you give – with all the information you provide, there is absolutely no excuse why we can’t all be multi-million dollar producers!”

J. G.


Real Estate Coaching

Generate immediate success when you hire a certified Sherri Johnson Strategy Coach to take your business to the next level and beyond! In an increasingly competitive real estate environment you need an aggressive and proven strategy that will take you to immediate success and income. With our easy to use and implement action plans and tools you are ready to compete, win and grow!

There’s ZERO Fluff.  No platitudes ever. We’re not your run-of-the-mill real estate agent trainer.  We provide substantive strategies.  We are the REAL DEAL. We will challenge. We will inspire.  We will motivate. But we actually give you the formula and proven strategies and show you how to dramatically increase your sales and income.  Double or even triple your results with our proven system.

Real-time, ready to implement action plans will be yours as well as strategy coaching with Sherri and her highly achieved certified coaching team that will take your business to the next level and create breakthroughs you never thought were possible. You will receive hundreds of new, fresh ideas that will be provided to you weekly straight from your Personal and Certified Sherri Johnson Strategy Coach!

“Hail Sherri Johnson Consulting! Truly less than a month into our coaching relationship with Sherri we are exploding with valuable, game-changing, out of the box treasures that are catapulting each agent on the team into a spin of income-producing activities!”

A. Glazen

CEO, Team Leader, Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Real Estate Consulting

Sherri can engage at all levels of a real estate brokerage company – agents, managers, regional managers, executives, and affiliated partners. She passionately builds on the brand of your organization to shape a thriving culture at every level. She assesses primary areas of improvement and creates a custom plan that brings collaboration and sustainable, positive growth.

Sherri excels in the successful execution needed to implement and manage the process for you. She produces real-time action plans that will achieve your organization’s short and long term goals for maximum and immediate results.

Sherri’s exclusive strategies and systems generate real, quantifiable results through accountability. She brings out the best in others while increasing their ability to succeed. Her classes and monthly coaching take agents from $0-6M as a new agent from $3-10 M as a performance agent and from $10-50M as top performers. Her Management and Executive Coaching will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your managers producing substantial returns and growth.

“I have had 7 managers in 26 yrs. NEVER saw anything like this meeting. My managers walked out of here like they had just won the lottery…….you’re unbelievable!”

T. O.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote to your next company sales rally, convention, retreat, manager meeting or executive team meeting, Sherri’s list of topics is purposefully designed to include your unique value proposition while building loyalty. She will have your team inspired and motivated with actual how-to’s to grow and follow up plans to ensure results occur long after the seminar is heard. Her materials create instant success for agents, managers, regionals as well as affiliated partners and executives.

She will make your teams laugh while they intensely hang on her every word. Whether keynote speaking, coach, or consultant, Sherri uses her talents to help grow others to unprecedented success. She has a natural gift for storytelling and speaking that help agents and managers relate immediately. She is passionate about changing the lives of others and inspiring all to higher fulfillment and personal accomplishment.

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Desk Manager or Sales Manager?

You can disrupt your market by adding extra ‘surprise’ value to your agents. Be a brokerage ‘disruptor’ in your market and differentiate your exclusive value you bring to your agents by being a ‘Sales Manager’, adding valuable content, coaching, leadership and setting...

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By adding tremendous value to the homebuying experience with every single potential new client, your buyer agents can convert more leads into loyal clients and referral sources for life.

Follow these easy-to-implement steps that will have everyone on your team creating ‘real value add’ to potential buyers and see your lead conversions increase dramatically as well as increases in listings, sales, repeat clients and referrals.

✔️ Step 1: Create a system for all new clients.

This means every single new, potential client (both listings and buyers) go into the ‘system’ for tracking and more effective follow up.

Not sure how? Read more here -->

✔️ Step 2: Provide your own ‘Exclusive Homebuyer Program.’

You need to co-brand with your company but include your team photos, your mission, your purpose, your market share graphs, your ‘system’ and program that your team provides.

Need more information on this? Read more here -->

✔️ Step 3: Include an offer to ‘Enroll in the ______ Team’s Exclusive Homebuyer Program and Receive Our Complimentary Homebuyer Guide.”

This is a free, value add. People want the information you are willing to give them and when you provide it, they are not only impressed, they choose to work with you.

Get a list of what to include here -->

✔️ Step 4: Use these everywhere to convert leads into clients.

Your new Exclusive Homebuying Program should be used at open houses, on call-ins and when responding to online leads on your listings.

Want to read more about how to Convert More Loyal Buyers With an ‘Exclusive Homebuyer Program’? Check it out here -->

And hey! If there is anything you want to know more about, let us know in the comment section below!

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3 weeks ago

Sherri Johnson Coaching

As the Team Leader or Rainmaker of your real estate team you can intentionally grow your team’s production immediately by coaching, motivating and incentivizing them every day and week. By using these 6 proven turnkey strategies you can grow your team’s production with accelerated results this month. 💯🙌🏼🏆⭐️⚜️
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Hire Sherri Johnson Coaching and change your life! Coaching with Sherri Johnson will accelerate your success!
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#realestatecoach #successiscontagious #businessstrategy 💯🙌🏼🏆⭐️⚜️

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Thank you Laura Scaly for your kind comments in your Facebook review. We loved hearing from you and learning about your experience after our webinar. We are trying to get more customer reviews to help people learn more about our real estate coaching. If you're a fan of our services, we’d love your feedback. Consider leaving a Facebook review. Your opinion matters. 💯🙌🏼🏆⭐️ ...

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