Real Estate Agency Consulting

We exist in a unique industry. Real estate isn’t like going down the to the corner store. There are obstacles and hurdles that must be faced on both sides. There are negotiations there are inspections and there are unknown issues around every corner.

All of that before we take into account our teams, our personal lives, and our companies.

Your business is unique, with challenges and obstacles that are unique to you. You need a solution that is just as unique.

To maximize your organizational effectiveness and dramatically increase revenue and profit you need a consultant that has been there, has seen that, and has a proven track record. What about a track record full of “hands on” experience as a top producing agent, manager, and executive with a message and tools that resonate like no other coach or real estate consultant?

Sound like a consultant you may find valuable?

Real Estate Consulting Expertise

Sherri was a management consultant and motivational speaker, leader and coach providing strategic business management and sales & marketing development to organizations for greater capacity and success. She is both formally trained in and passionate about organizational development and leadership. She has the intuitive ability to connect with people magnetically forming relationships built on integrity, trust and confidence and her enthusiasm is contagious!

  • She is one of the leading speakers, coaches, and consultants
  • 20 plus years of effective and top performing training, sales, and executive management experience.
  • Her combined skill set includes leadership development, marking, sales, training and coaching, management consulting and real estate brokerage management.
  • Experience in leading and directing turnaround and regional management of over 700 sales agents, managers and staff with over $1.5 billion in annual sales combined with her passionate personality to help and inspire others,
  • Provides comprehensive solutions to management teams in real estate, service, sales, and manufacturing industries

From top agent to youngest office manager, regional vice president, and executive team member, Sherri achieved unprecedented growth and profitability at every level of her career. Her dynamic leadership style and inspired drive enable effective collaboration, create positive learning environments and allows for successful and seamless change management in organizations.

Real Estate Consulting Services

Strategic Planning

Be engaged at all levels of a real estate brokerage company – agents, managers, regional managers, executives, and affiliated partners. Together you will build on the brand of your organization and shape a thriving culture at every level.

Your company will be assessed, and primary areas of improvements will be given a custom plan that brings collaboration and sustainable growth.

Implementation Management

Your implementation process can either be run by you or for you. If you chose you the later, Sherri will produce real-time action plans that will be structured to achieve your organizations short and long term goals.

She will use her extensive experience to engage and inspire your teams to ensure maximum and immediate results for your organization.

Coaching and Development

Comprehensive and exclusive strategies and systems generate real, quantifiable results through accountability. Bring out the best in others while increasing their ability to succeed. These classes and monthly coaching have taken agents from $0-6M as a new agent, from $3-10 M as a performance agent, and from $10-50M as top performers.

This Management and Executive Coaching can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your managers producing substantial returns and growth.

Keynote Speaker

As a keynote to your next company sales rally, convention, retreat, manager meeting or executive team meeting, Sherri’s list of topics is purposefully designed to include your unique value proposition while building loyalty. Your team will be inspired and motivated with actual how-to’s to grow with follow up plans to ensure results occur long after the seminar is heard.

These materials can create instant success for agents, managers, regionals as well as affiliated partners and executives.

Let's Go Over Your Strategy

What You Get

With her, you will get a results-oriented, strategic plan of action necessary to change organizational processes and behaviors. You will be able to achieve desired goals and objectives and, most importantly, position your organization for continued success in the future.

We will be able to:

  • Identify and solve problems that prevent you from reaching your desired goal.
  • Provide turnkey systems that will take your organization to the next level and beyond.
  • Deliver thorough evaluation of organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats
  • Provide someone to work with your team to determine existing roadblocks to achieving success.
  • Create a results oriented plan of action for you to follow through with on your own with us.

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