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Getting your team members to sell at peak performance month after month can be a challenge. The success of your team depends on your leadership, drive, and direction of their daily and weekly habits. Keeping them focused on new business opportunities and creating a larger pipeline of leads will be the best direction you can give them. Here are some proven sales strategies to help drive your agent’s success every day and week, setting more appointments, converting more leads, and making more sales happen for your team and for themselves. Offer value-added solutions. Educate your team members to work at their client’s pace and speed. If people are ready to buy or sell right now, great. If they aren’t ready to buy or sell, keep them in a nurturing list of…

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So often team leaders set up their teams without setting expectations. This leads to frustration for both the agent team member as well as the team leader. Clear cut expectations are necessary to ensure everyone knows what you expect from them every day, week, month, quarter and year.

Having clearly communicated guidelines for each member of the team also means that they will have greater clarity, daily behaviors and ultimately sales success.

When you lack clear expectations team members end up creating their own set of work behaviors that may or may not be in sync with what you expect of them. For example not having told your team that you expect they work from your office and not home is a very common issue. This is easy for the team leader to…

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Increasing Agent Productivity With a 'Sales Manager' Coaching Style

As a manager, team leader, or broker, your No. 1 task is to help, support, and lead your agent’s weekly and daily success. Yes, you also help with contract questions, but your primary job is to drive listings, sales, and revenue.
The speed of the leader (you) determines the rate of the pack (your sales associates). How effective are you at impacting your agent’s listing and sales success? How valuable are you to their success? Do you add value in a way that helps them grow their business? I often ask managers if they were to go back into sales, how many of them would be top agents? A sales manager is meant to drive, create and increase the sales team’s success. You should have…

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