It’s All About the Appointment

It’s All About the Appointment

There’s something about this business that bugs me. We are always looking back. You know, we celebrate what we sold last month, last quarter and last year. We boast to the public and each other about the number of units and volume we sold during any specific time frame. For many of us, we plaster it all over social media with fabulous graphics celebrating this past success. But here’s the thing, yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is all we have.

As a team leader, you are charged with generating leads, driving revenue, and pushing your team to achieve beyond its wildest goals. So yeah, it’s nice to pat the team on the back for a job well done in the past, but it’s more important to challenge them about what really matters – the future.

Over the years, I’ve coached many successful team leaders as well as those who’ve struggled. There is a striking difference between these two camps. It boils down to one thing – a focus on appointments. These determine your future and that’s all that matters. If you have lots of leads and you can’t convert a reasonable number into an appointment, something is wrong. If you have lots of appointments and you can’t convert a reasonable number into a listing or buyer opportunity, something is wrong.

So, step back. Take time away from the hustle and bustle of the real estate business. Go home. Go to a park. Chill out. Slow down and simply think. Think about your team operations. Not about what you’ve sold but what you’re going to sell. Think about the future and how you’re going to get leads, convert leads into appointments and appointments into the clients. Coach your team on how to get those leads.Provide the scripts and knowledge to your team on how to convert and further, teach them how to ace the appointment when it occurs.

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Erle Morring is Vice President of Coaching at Sherri Johnson Coaching and Consulting. Morring has been a top-producing agent, a regional managing broker, and a forward-thinking company executive. Through his motivational and encouraging style, he coaches agents and company managers to hit metrics, achieve goals and turn profits.

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