How do I utilize video in my recruiting process?

 How do I utilize video in my recruiting process?

Video is something that you would think would be utilized way more in your everyday recruiting activities. The fact is, it's nowhere near as used as you think it would be. Videos can be used in every step of the recruiting process.

1.After you speak to a prospect to have them come in or an in-person interview, you send them a VIDEO confirmation.

2.While you are in the interviewing process, you can show testimonial VIDEOS of your agents (Make sure it's less than 1.5 minutes and make sure there is not script that your agents use. When speaking "off the cuff," it comes off way more natural to the prospect).

3.After you are done with the interview, if you haven't closed them to join your company, you send a "Thank you" VIDEO after the meeting

4.For your pipelining process, every quarter, send out a video talking about your company's quarterly achievements and how you think you can help that agent if they should ever join you. If you haven't showed the prospect a testimonial video during your meetings, you can send during the pipelining process.You will separate yourself from the competition. Utilizing a mix of calls, emails (of value to the prospect) and videos are the best way to keep your recruiting process and pipelining fresh and more personal.

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Written by: Adam Lerman Vice President of Business and Broker Development: With 20+ years in recruiting and training within the real estate industry. Adam has led the recruiting and training initiatives in multiple large franchises and large independents. Most recently, Adam is the VP of Broker and Business Development with Sherri Johnson Coaching.

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