How Direct Communication Can Increase Your Business Tenfold


In the competitive world of real estate, success hinges on the ability to consistently generate leads and nurture client relationships. While digital marketing has its place, the value of direct communication through daily sales calls, text messages and touching your database and sphere of influence cannot be overstated. In this article, we will explore how incorporating these essential practices, along with time blocking for lead generation, can elevate your real estate business and potentially lead to a tenfold increase in earnings.  

  • Embrace the power of daily sales calls 

Making daily sales calls is not just about dialing numbers; it’s about building personal connections and nurturing relationships. By consistently reaching out to potential clients, you position yourself as a proactive and dedicated professional.  

  • Leverage the potential of daily text messages

In today’s world, text messages are a valuable tool to stay connected. Sending personalized and informative text messages allows you to follow up on leads, provide timely updates and maintain top-of-mind awareness. Text messages offer a less intrusive way to touch base with clients and can be an effective complement to your daily sales calls.  

  • Distinguish between service calls and prospecting calls 

It’s essential to differentiate between service calls and prospecting calls. Service calls are follow-ups with existing clients. On the other hand, prospecting calls are focused on generating new leads and expanding your client base. Allocating time for both types of calls ensures you maintain a balance.

  • Time Block for money-making activities 

To harness the full potential of daily sales calls and lead generation, it’s crucial to time block these money-making activities in your schedule. Set aside specific hours each day solely for prospecting, reaching out to your database and engaging with potential clients.  

  • Opportunities aren’t lost; they go to someone else

Opportunities don’t wait for the agents who hesitate. If you fail to make daily sales calls or consistently touch base with your leads, there’s a high chance they’ll seek assistance from your competition. Position yourself as the go-to-agent for all their real estate needs.  


To stay ahead of the competition and drive exponential growth in your business, embrace daily sales calls, text messages and stay connected with your SOI and database. By distinguishing between service calls and prospecting calls and time-blocking your money-making activities, you’ll create a solid foundation for success.  Remember, 10 calls today can translate into $20K tomorrow and beyond. So, pick up that phone, send those messages and watch your real estate business flourish. 

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Writen By Erle Morring, Vice President of Sherri Johnson Coaching and Consulting

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