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In the competitive world of real estate, success hinges on the ability to consistently generate leads and nurture client relationships. While digital marketing has its place, the value of direct communication through daily sales calls, text messages and touching your database and sphere of influence cannot be overstated. In this article, we will explore how incorporating these essential practices, along with time blocking for lead generation, can elevate your real estate business and potentially lead to a tenfold increase in earnings.  

  • Embrace the power of daily sales calls 

Making daily sales calls is not just about dialing numbers; it’s about building personal connections and…

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Hit them where it hurts! Their mind and their wallet!

Too many agents are focused on their splits. These agents need to worry about how much they will make rather than negotiating an extra few percentage points.

When recruiting an agent, if they ever ask about what your split is, I tell them that I’m not really worried about that right now, we can always make money work. I’m more concerned if I’m a fit for you and if you are a fit for our company.

That usually puts the agent at ease, and it gives you time to articulate your company’s value proposition. If they still ask you what your splits are, I ask them if they’d rather have 98% of Dwight’s Beet Farm in “Anywhere, USA” or 1% of Facebook? Most people would take that 1%...why? It’s all about…

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It’s All About the Appointment

There’s something about this business that bugs me. We are always looking back. You know, we celebrate what we sold last month, last quarter and last year. We boast to the public and each other about the number of units and volume we sold during any specific time frame. For many of us, we plaster it all over social media with fabulous graphics celebrating this past success. But here’s the thing, yesterday is gone. Tomorrow is all we have.

As a team leader, you are charged with generating leads, driving revenue, and pushing your team to achieve beyond its wildest goals. So yeah, it’s nice to pat the team on the back for a job well done in the past, but it’s more important to challenge them about what really matters –…

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